Bow Building & Archery

The making and shooting of bows is one of the oldest craft skills in the world.  The satisfaction gained from shaping and scraping a piece of wood until it responds at your hand by casting an arrow where you want it to go, is one of the most satisfying feelings.  It feeds a primal need to hunt and protect your family.  It goes way back to the earliest days of man.  We all have that desire somewhere within us.

Ken's stance

On this course you will make a natural bow from natural material (wood).  You will also learn how to identify suitable wood and how to prepare it for making bows.

DSC06139 00104

You will learn to tiller the bow.  Tillering is the process of removing wood from a stave such that the bow bends to intended shape, drawlenght and drawweight (Tim Baker). Then you will make a suitable bow string for your bow.

DSC06292 DSC06298

You will then have plenty of opportunity to use your new bow to shoot arrows at a selection of targets.

Expert bow craftsmen will be on hand all the time to show you the tips and tricks, explain various techniques and make sure you are not only safe, but have a great time.


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