About us

Ah! there you are.  A thousand welcomes to PrimWay.

PrimWay started as a dream, following on from the third successful international gathering of ancient crafts experts.

Me-1 Iliana

organized and hosted the gatherings, together with Kosio Kovatchev welcomed the many participants from as far away as the U.S.A and New Zealand, and made sure everyone had a great time in Bulgaria.

Iliana decided she would like to bring the skills and knowledge of ancient crafts to more people.  So you too can discover how things were made in times past.

And so PrimWay was born.

We already had two Leather craft workshops, and in the new year we will be offering more.

Other crafts you may like to study are:

Leather craft, Wood craft, Blacksmithing, Traditional Bulgarian and European Weaving and Spinning, Bulgarian Embroidery, Bows and Arrows (making and shooting them), North American native beadwork, Flint knapping.

These, and many more will be available soon.

We will eventually build our own centre, where good food and comfortable accommodation will be offered along with quality training and education in all of the above skills areas.


will work hard with us to make this happen. She is our project manager.

But in the meantime we offer portable courses where we will work in different areas of Bulgaria so everyone gets the chance to learn new ancient skills and crafts.

Have a look around our website and relax for a while.  The kettle is boiling and the coffee is nearly ready….

Our vision

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.